Case Study

How might we help older adults who ride bikes navigate in El Segundo? The goal was to help older adults who bike, navigate obstacles in El Segundo and beyond. We believe that if a navigational tool is designed well for older adults, it is better for other bike riders as well.

Custom Bike Routing provides custom routes, real-time route reports, intelligent hill detection, and bike rack locations for the bike riding older adult population.

My Role

I was initially responsible for primary and secondary research. At our two locations, I documented the sites by taking photos and videos of people and buildings. I conducted interviews in person around downtown Los Angeles and El Segundo. I created graphics for the cicLAvia invite card, synthesized data to build presentation decks, designed a comparative analysis, and facilitated usability testings of our team prototype.  


Di Xu
Porfirio Moreno

Results and Reflection

Based on feedback from our classmates and stakeholders, I would say that overall our project was a success. Especially our storyboard and narration work that illustrated our mission and target audience. My key takeaway from this semester project was to spend more time doing research. This leads me to another important learning experience I learned with this mobility challenge. Do not present a prototype if it has not been tested.