Recontextualization and Analysis


  1. Make Functional Microinteractions

  2. Less is More

  3. Keep Longevity in Mind

  4. Create Visual Harmony with other UI elements and their Environment

  5. Bring the Data Forward

  6. Always Start with What you Know

  7. Use the Overlooked

  8. Speak Human

  9. Look Where a Microinteraction could Benefit your Product and Users

  10. Experiment

My favorite microinteractions are generally in forms. Take, for example, a simple sign-up form that may include email address and password, perhaps the date of birth, etc. As I go along, the sign-up form is tracking what info I am typing. If the email I enter is not registering as an email address, it will tell me. I also opt for the Safari's "Suggest strong password" generator. Not only is the form keeping track of correctness, sometimes there will be mini animation from screen to screen or from form field to the next. It's those little animations that keep me going along.